If you attend one of our free Estate Planning Workshops, we will give you a complementary consultation to review your assets, family, and goals for estate planning. We will use this information to provide a model of a plan that could be created to accomplish your needs and address your concerns.

If you decide to hire us, we will schedule with you a design meeting. In that meeting, we will ask you strategic questions to ensure that we create an estate plan customized to your personal needs, family needs, and financial needs. We will work with you to address all of the issues and concerns discussed at the workshop, consultation, and design meetings

After your customized estate plan is complete, we will have a signing meeting. At that meeting we will review, in detail, all the estate planning documents created and introduce you to the use of your Estate Planning Portfolio. You will sign all documents and have them ready of use.

After the signing meeting, we will have a funding meeting. If you have created a trust, we will review funding with you to ensure all recommended transfer of assets into the trust have been made.

You will also have an option to enroll in our maintenance program. This will allow us to meet annually or more frequently to make any needed changes to your estate plan to make sure everything stays ready and up to date to meet your needs and goals.